Photo Credits

Many thanks to our friends and family who took the many pictures on this website. (can family also be friends? sorta like a square is a rectangle, even if a rectangle isn't a square?). Here they are, in no particular order:


Spence has actually worked as a photographer in a former life. He was the best man in my sister Faith's wedding in June 2004. Spence is the one on the left - with Faith on the right and husband Jeffery in the middle.

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Gretchen's Sister-in-Law (does this make her my sister-in-law now as well?) who was handicapped by having to use my equipment complete with highly tempermental flash. Brenda is on the far left with Andrew (her husband, Gretchen's brother) click for larger image


Michelle's wedding to my Cousin David in Santiago gave us the excuse to visit Chile in December 2001. Michelle is on the right, cousin Jessica (David's sister) is on the left.

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Matt's Aunt Pam, also a fan of the old Canon A*-1 series, here with Grandpa Plumb.

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A close friend from Seattle, and infinite source of travel advice, shown here talking to Matt's father

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A big Thanks to All !

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