Out For a Bike Ride...India and Nepal

We've been looking for opportunities to do a little volunteer work along the way, but it's difficult to get the timing right. Recently we found a pretty neat opportunity with the Himanchal Education Project in Nepal. But I'm getting ahead of the plan.

We'll fly into New Delhi, and haven't decided if we'll risk biking north from there, or maybe grab another flight up to Dharmsala (home of the Dalai Lama in exile and start biking in less chaotic circumstances. Either way we head north to Leh, up on the Tibetan border, and over some of the highest roads on the planet with passes up around 5000m! (16,500 ft). We hope to do a couple weeks of trekking here along with the biking. Then down down down into western Nepal, until we bump up into Pokhara, one of the major trekking jumping-off points, especially for the Anapurna region. We'll start our volunteering from Pokhara, but actually getting to Nangi village requires a few hours bus ride to Beni, and then an all day hike to the village where we'll be teaching English, or anything else we can be of use for.

After a couple weeks in the Himalaya, we'll have one week left to get down to Kathmandu before heading to Japan for a final month

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