SE-Asia by Bicycle

Matt & Gretchen's trip through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, 2003

On January 17 Gretchen and I packed our bikes and belongings into boxes and panniers and took the big red Northwest bird to Bangkok, where we stayed for about 6 hours before hopping another flight to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. From Chiang Mai we had about 5 weeks to travel by bicycle, and occasional bus or plane as we realized that the original itinerary had been wayyyyyy too ambitious. This is a slowly growing website as I scan in pictures (I shoot slides. lots of slides. we've been back for a month and I haven't even completely sorted out the 39 rolls of slides yet.) The links are to the email "travelogues" which I emailed back from various net cafe's as we travelled.

A short gallery of Black & White Pics

Northern Thailand

A map of Northern Thailandwhere the blue line shows our route with detour down to Jomthong (1) and then travelling up to the border crossing into Laos (2)

And on to Laos

Laos Map Showing our route first by boat from Ban Houayxay to Pak Beng (3), bicycle up to Ban Nambak (4), bus to Luang Prabang (5), back on the bikes down to Vientiane (6), a flight to Savanaket, and then biking out of Laos (7) into Lao Bo Vietnam (8).

And Finally, Vietnam

Southern Vietnam Map entering the country at Lao Bo (just south of the former DMZ), traveling down to Hue (9), Da Nang And Hoi An, after which we'd had enough of the coast so we hopped a flight to Buon Ma Thuot (10). A few more days of biking took us to Dalat, and then Bao Loc, where we ended the bicycle part of the trip and took a bus the rest of the way into Saigon.

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