About the travellers...

Gretchen and I (Matt) are a couple of mid-twenty-somethings from the Seattle (USA) area who like to travel, exercise, and get outdoors. I speak some Spanish, mostly from the 2 months I spent in Mexico, and Gretchen speaks a little German, so I was translator for this trip. (Note: Chilean Spanish is not Mexican Spanish! The accent is very strong, especially in the southern countryside. I felt better about my (admittedly limited) linguistic abilities when Fernando, a Mexican friend of mine also had trouble with the language! I'm also the computer and photo geek, so most of the website is my doing.

The food:We're both vegetarian which makes dietary options a little difficult at times. In this case we were doing most of our own cooking anyway with available ingredients (beans and rice, rice and eggs, eggs and beans, eggs and rice and beans. maybe noodles..... I wouldn't recommend southern Chile for the food).

Why Chile? Well the "main reason" for the trip was my cousin David who was getting married in Santiago at the end of December. David also grew up in Maine (US) but moved down to Santiago 5 years ago, where he met his fiancee Michelle. They now live in Buenos Aires, but the wedding was put on by Michelle's parents in Santiago. Naturally we couldn't fly all they way down to Chile and just stay for a wedding, so we took the month of December off as well :)

For the photographically curious:
90% of the time I was shooting Fuji Provia 100 (RDP III) which is fine-grain, very saturated color slide film and I was frequently using a circular polarizer. Being short on space and looking for lightweight I carried a single camera; a Cannon EOS Rebel 2000 with a Cannon 28-135 f4.5 IS lense (the IS means active image stabilization). I really like this combo for a portable yet decent SLR. For digitizing I use a Nikon LS-40 (Coolscan IV) using vuescan on Redhat Linux for the front end. I wrote the web pages the hard way - by hand. This was my first attempt at using Javascript so it may be a bit rough in spots.

Questions or comments on the website? Feel free to email