Mr. Sun goes to...


Those of you familiar with my (Gretchen) travels, might remember Mr. Sun.  Well, he's made his trip to Chile, spending his days in a front pack of a bike or the top of a backpack.   Zip lock bags being the choice form of rain gear.
Why a stuffed sun?  Because a few trips ago, I left my red stuffed frog at home and needed a replacement character to pose in the pictures.  Taking pictures while traveling alone can be boring, having something to put in the picture makes it more fun!  Mr. Sun in front of statue in Bratislava.  Mr. Sun in a snow bank at a castle ruin.  Mr. Sun viewing the gardens in Vienna.  Certainly more interesting then just the boring statue, castle or gardens.
Why bring Mr. Sun when you weren't alone?  Because I felt bad packing all my other travel gear with out him.

Mr. Sun points out the transition from gravel to paved.  The workers who were doing the paving were very proud of their work.  They would toot the construction trucks horn and wave at us while we peddled by.  Those not in trucks would yell out to us, "this road is paved!"  Thanks, we noticed.
Mr. Sun hunkering down for lunch.  Usually some combo of rice, beans, eggs and cheese.  Fruit cake for desert!  Sprim is the Chilean equivalent of Kool-aid.   Does a nice job masking the iodine taste. 

Mr. Sun enjoying the siesta at a town park.  The weather was warmer then we expected so we took to riding the the mornings and late afternoons, snoozing in the afternoon heat.

Mr. Sun in Torres del Paine.  The transition from bike to backpack was a blessed one.  No more of the teeth rattling gravel.  However, the sudden loss of balance due to gusts of wind, proved to be a bit unnerving.

Mr. Sun in Punta Arenas.  Notice how very few of the buildings are higher then three stories?  Apparently, people don't want to live that high off the ground for fear of being blown over.  The brightly colored houses and buildings are for the gloomy months,  June - September.